Disappearance #1, #2, 2008/2009

Light installation
Dimensions variable
6 light sticks, each composed of 32 white LEDs, circuit board; mounting

The unintentional glances of observers are one of the key factors in the artist's work with light sticks. For the exhibition Strom des Vergessens, terms related to the topic “remembering/forgetting” appeared briefly in the space of a tunnel system (Aktienkeller) in Linz as translucent typography, evoking a dynamic grounded in a complex game with human perceptual processes.
This 2008 work was adapted for the exhibition YOU_ser 2.0: Celebration of the Consumer.

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Single Image

2019, Wrinting the History of the Future. The ZKM Collection, ZKM, Karlsruhe (DE)
2009, YOU_ser 2.0: Celebration of the Consumer, ZKM, Karlsruhe (DE)
2008, Strom des Vergessens. Ausstellung im Rahmen des Linz 2009-Projektes Tiefenrausch, Aktienkeller, Linz (AT)